Publications List


Young Adult Fiction

· A Dark Iris, published by Blouse and Skirt Books. Received a BURT/CODE Award for Caribbean YA Literature in 2018 

Short Fiction and Memoir

·  “The Ceremony” included in New Worlds, Old Ways Speculative Tales From The Caribbean, edited by Karen Lord (Peekash Press 2016).

· “Meeting Places” included in The Stories We Tell, an anthology of Science Fiction stories, edited by Tobias S. Buckell (Government of Bermuda 2017.)

· “Pink”, a short memoir, included in Take This Journey With Me, Bermuda Anthology of Memoir and Creative Non-Fiction, edited by Rachel Manley (Government of Bermuda 2014.)

· “Breathing Space”, included in I Wish I Could Tell You, Bermuda Anthology of Children’s Literature and Young Adult Stories, edited by Lynn Joseph (Government of Bermuda 2012.)

Commissioned Published Books

· Fair Play, a biography of Bermudian former senator and FIFA referee, Charlie Marshall. (2014)

· Bermuda Post Office Bicentennial 1812-2012, a history (Government of Bermuda 2012.)

· Bermuda’s Famous Talbot Brothers about an iconic Bermudian calypso band (2009)

· Co-authored Insiders’ Guide to Bermuda (Falcon Press and The Royal Gazette 1998-9)

· Transcribed and edited Bermuda Recollections, an anthology of oral history, based on interviews I conducted with senior citizens between 1988 and 1993 (Government of Bermuda 1993.)

Columns and Articles

· Naturally Speaking, a regular column about nature for The Bermudian magazine. (2006 to the present)

· Island Rambles, a regular column featuring walks for The Bermudian magazine. (2002-2006)

  • · Numerous articles for magazines, especially The Bermudian, about all aspects of Bermuda, including its wildlife, history, businesses, culture and people.