It is 1972 and 12-Year-old Rebekah Eve is excited to be on her way to high school, with her best friend Wanda. They’ve been accepted into the prestigious Meridian Institute in Bermuda, but Rebekah’s joy is dampened by her parents’ separation, which she is not taking well at all. She misses having her father at home and the fun things they would do together. She also has a special dislike for her mother’s new, “friend”, Thomas Forrest, who seems to be taking permanent residence in her mother’s life and trying way too hard to win her over. These personal changes take place while her country, goes through dramatic changes of its own, with the assassination of their Governor and other high ranking officials. Rebekah faces yet another struggle when her new friend John is arrested as a suspect.

As a means of coping Rebekah turns to her art, which she is truly passionate about. Her paintings take on new, or rather ‘old’ life, when figures from the past seep in and replace her usual subjects. She is thrust into a whirlwind of emotion as the evils of slavery in Bermuda, are revealed to her through these visions and paintings, and unveils that the wounds of the past are not buried as deeply as some would like. With help from the mysterious Lady of the Library and her new art tutor Mr. Stowe, perhaps, she will make sense of these visions and unearth the truth behind one of the legends of her country’s past! Truths which prove difficult for a young girl to digest. Along the way she learns to trust herself, believe in her talents and that even a young girl from a small island, can one day become a famous artist!

A Dark Iris  was shortlisted for the 2018 CODE Burt Award for Caribbean Young Adult Literature.

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